Croatian highways can be classified as one of the best highways in Europe. Driving on the motorway in Croatia is payable and the prices depend on the vehicle we are driving and the distance traveled.

Vehicle categories

Entering from Slovenia

Entering from Slovenia, there is a short section of the motorway in front of us on the MaceljZagreb route (entry to the motorway is in Krapina) for which you have to pay a fee of 48 HRK (passenger car).
Then, on the Zagreb ring road, look for the direction of Split and turn right in the right place – right after the INA Plitvice gas station.
Then you get to the Lučko ticket collection point and enter the highway which without exits, keeping to the direction of Split, you can reach Split (the exit from the highway is in Dugopolje). You have to pay HRK 174 for covering this section
highway section IA I II
A2 Macejl (Trakošćan) – Zagreb (Zaprešić) 29 48 72
A1 Zagreb (Lučko) – Split (Dugopolje) 105 174 273
Sum 134 222 345

Entering from Hungary

When entering Croatia from Hungary, you first need to cover the section to Zagreb for which you have to pay a fee of 44 HRK (for a passenger car), and then go also to the A1 highway which will take you to Split and the ferry to the island of Brač.
highway section IA I II
A2 Goričan – – Zagreb (Sv Helena) 26 44 65
A1 Zagreb (Lučko) – Split (Dugopolje) 105 174 273
Sum 131 218 338