Bol is primarily associated with the famous Zlatni rat beach, but it is not the only beach. Bol is the town with the most beaches on the island. Below is a short description of them with photos.

The beach closest to the house

We start with the beach closest to us. It is located just 50m from the house, right under the promenade. The beach is not large, you can rent a sunbed and umbrella in high season. There is also a small bar in the shape of a tourist ship where you can order coffee, tea, cold drinks, beer, ice cream, etc. The proximity of the house and apartments is the greatest advantage of the beach, which is most appreciated by families with young children.

Due to its shape, the beach is often called Mali Zlatni Rat


A little further, some 200m west towards Zlatny Rat, is the Borak beach. It owes its name to the hotel located above the beach. The beach is slightly larger than the one next to the house. There is also a restaurant where you can drink coffee, order grilled dishes, drinks or ice cream. There is also a windsurfing school and a diving school in Borak. The descent to the water is gentle here.


Walking further west: behind the beach of Borak is Potočine beach. On the beach you will find natural shade from pine trees, which will be appreciated above all by parents of young children. Here, away from the sun, not only babies can take a nap with pleasure. There are also windsurfing and diving schools on the beach, and a small bar tucked away in the pine trees.

Zlatni Rat

After another 100-150m to the west, we come to the famous Zlatni Rat beach. We believe that the beach needs no special introduction – its photos appear in the vast majority of materials promoting Croatia. The beach is also often included in the list of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Zlatni Rat is a natural beach in the form of a triangular headland, approx. 500 m long. Winds and sea currents change the shape of the tip all the time, bending it east, west or spiral. A fairly dense pine forest allows you to hide from the summer sun. In the wooded area of ​​the beach there is also a playground for children, restaurant, toilets. At the edge of the forest there are stands with fruit, pancakes, ice cream and the Auro bar (with Wifi).

The beach is also famous for the pebble of happiness that can only be found on this beach. It is a shell, polished by the sea in such a way that a spiral is visible on the resulting round and thin pebble. A photo of the pebble of happiness from the Zlatni rat beach can be seen in our gallery. Good luck with your search! You can walk from our apartments to the Zlatni Rat beach in about a quarter of an hour.


Behind the Zlatni Rat beach are the naturist (FKK) beaches. The first one is called Paklina. On these beaches you will not find attractions in the form of restaurants or bars. These beaches stretch for 2-3 km of somewhat wilder areas. You will find there both larger beaches where more people bathe and sunbathe, as well as small, hidden from the sight of onlookers. Some of them are only accessible from the sea.


Behind the Dominican Monastery, in the quiet eastern part of the town, is the sheltered Martinica Beach. It is an intimate beach with a pleasant descent into the water. Right on the beach you will also find a place where you can eat or cool down with a cold drink.


3.5 km west of the Zlatni rat beach is the small town of Murvica – there are a dozen permanent residents here. There is a beautiful beach in the village that is worth visiting at least once.