How to visit?

The island can be visited in various ways. On foot, by bike, motorbike, car, boat and even by plane 🙂

By foot

For example, on foot you can take the old path from Bol to Vidova Góra. It is quite an ambitious path to go. You need about two and a half hours to enter. The descent back, unfortunately, does not take any less time. This is mainly due to the quite difficult and demanding terrain.

By bike

You can go to the nearby town of Murvica on foot or by bike. It is 5 km west of us. It is a good route for those who like an active lifestyle, but are not in great sports condition. From the trail there is a beautiful view of Zlatni rat and the island of Hvar. Outside the town of Murvica, work is underway to build an asphalt road to the town of Milna. Due to the difficult terrain (rocks, stones), these two towns have not yet been connected and this road is appreciated by off-road enthusiasts, because it is really demanding.

The island offers many paths and bicycle routes of various levels of difficulty. Here you can see the map of the bicycle paths on the island of Brač.

By car

You can get to all places on the island and, among others, to Vidova Gora peak. You can also go to the place where the path to the Pustinja Blaca desert begins. The path to go is only on foot and the descent takes over an hour, but in our opinion it is worth visiting at least once. You can also reach the Blaca desert by cruise ship. It is an easier and more comfortable way, and the island looks very beautiful and magnificent from the sea.

In summer, sightseeing flights are organized at the Brač airport, located 10 km from Bol. Depending on your budget, you can visit the island of Brač, Hvar and look further west towards the national park “Kornati” or south-east to Dubrovnik from the bird’s eye view.