Worth to see

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Vidova Gora peak

The highest island of the Adriatic! It is located at 788m above sea level. From the protection of the spread there is a beautiful view of the whole town of Bol, the beach Zlatni rat and the island of Hvar. During the day before midnight, we could see even Wallachia, which we had never been able to see. At the very top there is a restaurant. Vidova Gora can be reached by car. The first crossing from Bol is in Gornji Humac, where you have to turn left (to Praznice, Supetar) and keep to the main road for about 15 km. On the left side there is a sign that informs where to turn. To the peak you can also go on foot directly from Bol, over an old stone path. The trip takes ok. 2.5h in one direction.

Pustinja Blaca

The hermitage is located between the towns of Bol and Milna. It is a complex of interconnected: hermits’ houses, farm buildings, rocks and caves, which were created by monks who settled under a steep rock in the 16th century. There was also a chapel and a school for children from nearby settlements. There are two routes to the hermitage: by sea (cruise ships travel practically every day in the season, or by car (from the parking lot it is a one-way trip along a beautiful trail)

Today, the Hermitage Blaca is abandoned, but there are numerous testimonies of hermits’ activity and there are also many monuments, which is why we encourage you to visit this place.

Zmajeva Spilja

Zmajeva Spilja (Dragon’s Cave) was a place of worship even in pre-Christian times. It is a monument to the monastic life of monks from the 15th century. It is located about 200m above the town of Murvica (6km from Bol) and served as a habitat and temple for the monks. A steep and narrow path leads to the cave, which takes about 1.5 hours to get there.